REACT… fab 40s?, you don’t sound so convinced!

It’s funny, not funny jaja, but funny weird, strange that my posts on turning 40 are the ones that have had the most traffic…It seems that this indescribable feeling of turning 40 is very much a part of every 39 year old!

I have decided to surf the internet and find out what’s been written on the subject. If you’ll bear with me, I’ll give my uncensored opinión, because I will take this personally…here we go, the first article’s focus is that it’s the most wonderful time of your life…

According to 40 Reasons To Enjoy Turning 40 a study in 2008 revealed 40 is the age when people are most likely to get depressed. The pressures of bringing up kids, relationships and ageing can leave people feeling miserable. OMG THE PRESSURES OF AGEING…

OK, it starts out on a sad note but promises to get better, so I keep reading. It doesn’t really get better. It goes from talking about living longer, to being the first generation that benefitted from THE PILL, to having owned a chopper bicycle (I’D LIKE TO KNOW HOW MANY WOMEN HAVE OWNED A CHOPPER), we can still have children just like Halle Barry and Nichole Kidman (really, please, at 40 who’d want to?!)… this one: 9. YOU can still remember how to write a letter and even know how to spell. (what does the author mean STILL REMEMBER?…NOT FEELING VERY FLATTERED BY THIS)…HOW ABOUT THIS ONE: 25. YOU can save a fortune on hair dye. You’ve got more things to talk about at the pub because 29. A LOT has happened in your life…EXCUSE ME, YOU COULD’VE BACKPACKED AROUND THE WORLD AND STILL NOT BE A GOOD CONVERSATIONALIST…and these are the ones that jumped out at me. 

The only point I agree with is number 40. TURNING 40 is actually fabulous – what better excuse can you have to throw a big party?

This articles and posts are supposed to kind of show you bright side of this.

I’ll keep looking for another one to top off my first reference Turning 40. It can’t be that hard to say something nice about being 40.

I’m not there yet, I’m a few months away, but still I can in all honesty say that it’ll only be good if you see yourself doing good. AND THAT’S WHAT I’M DOING…AS A THERAPIST SAID TODAY ON TALK RADIO SIEMBRA UN PENSAMIENTO Y COSECHARAS DESTINO…translation SOW A THOUGHT AND YOU’LL HARVEST DESTINY!!

surfing the web till next time…COWABUNGA!!

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