ACT…so this is what I painted

As you’ll see, I don’t have a defined technique, the colors inspire me and take me on a journey, but abstract is my style of choice right now.

I love the effect, the freedom and the comments it gets. I always start with no idea where I’m going, as I said, the colors take control and move my hand in the direction needed for them to be the star of the canvas.

HAZE~NEBLINA, oil on paper, 40x60cm

VENTANA, oil on paper, 40x60cm

PENSAMIENTOS, oil on paper, 40x60cm

LADY VERTIGO, oil on paper, 40x60cm

and this is my personal version of ABSTRACT POINTILLISME…

RED&GRAY~ROJO&GRIS, oil on paper, 40x60cm

ALWAYS LOOKING FOR INSPIRATION!! we’ll see what’s next


4 responses to “ACT…so this is what I painted

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  2. muy maravillosos todos tus trabajos, solo debo de admitir que “lady vertigo” me trae un sentimiento asi como que miedo o no se algo raro,,

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