REACT…one surprise after another

vayamos de menos a más o de lo particular a lo general o de YO a NOSOTROS…yeah, from ME to US…

Remember my self-imposed challenge? To stop cursing! Well this past weekend my husband and I had a very nice dinner at an even nicer restaurant/bar Harry’s on Presidente Masaryk Ave. right in the heart of Polanco (the nicest residential/ commercial area near the historical/political/cultural center of the city) with the same couples we always do (our second family), the ones that made me realize my need to stop using THAT vocabulary.

After hugging and kissing hello I announced to my lady friends my very important decision and, to MY ABSOLUTE SURPRISE, they both said/asked ARE YOU CRAZY? WE ALL TALK THAT WAY! DON’T STOP! but I was determined, I reminded them of the men’s comments on the subject, to which of course they said IGNORE THEM! but it was to late, I had made my decision, besides it was a way of putting myself to the test, I just can’t accept that I have no control over this.

OK, so back to dinner… everyone starts updating eachother on their lives from the last time we were together… and suddenly one of the women, my LADY FRIENDS starts using WHAT WERE MY COLORFUL EXPRESSIONS, aaaahhhhh…then the other, soon they were both using curse words!

And me?

I was in complete silence, happy silence watching them, listening to them, seeing them glowing with freedom and just about letting go of everything good and bad that had happened and that they had been carrying in their gut throughtout the week! I started to laugh…

how about that?!

Before they were VENTING through me, when I cursed they just nodded accepting my feelings as their own…Now they were BY THEMSELVES VENTING their overpacked souls, yes using not the ideal language, but at this point WHO CARES! well maybe their husbands…

Nevertheless, I’m still in rehab suffering only sporadic falls, I feel I’m doing well, it’s a process!!

Now on to the US part of my weekend UPDATE…

My daughter had been asking us to do something different on Sunday, not just go to church and watch soccer or golf on TV…So we did and I have to say…

My husband had once talked about what happens on Reforma Ave. on Sundays but I never imagined I’d be sooooo touched by what I saw…

HUNDREDS of people JUST STROLLING, walking their dogs, skating, holding hands, sitting in the benches, on the sidewalks, riding their bikes, dancing, doing yoga… CAREFREE, WORRY FREE…ENJOYING THE VIEW

As if we weren’t in the same place we live during the week, the place that drives us mad, a city sometimes under siege by all the negative situations that reign in densely popullated metropolises (yes, this is the plural for metropolis, I checked, looks weird, right?!) like this one…

Take a look…

La Diana Cazadora...clear skies...unbelievable UNFORGETTABLE

MORALEJA, the moral of the story…si vienes al DF, NO TE REGRESES A CASA EL DOMINGO!!! when in the city ENJOY THE VIEW, SUNDAY MORNING, REFORMA IS JUST FOR YOU!!

BTW, what a match!, congrats to Samantha on her win, and Serena will now be called ALTERADA WILLIAMS… yikes!!!

7 responses to “REACT…one surprise after another

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  3. Jajajajaaaa thanks!! haven’t gone cold turkey, baby steps!! no puedo creer que no sepas andar en bici O_O! Pues chula ASAP tu viaje, otra cosa que no puedo creer es que ya cumplí un annio acá y que ya va a ser un annio de que te tuvimos y te disfrutamos….damn you, who ever you are GIVE US BACK OUR TIME!!!

  4. I want to go!! Seriously, that is NOT the DF I remember, especially Reforma. I want us to take a dance class together. If I knew how to ride a bike I would also suggest that. (But I don’t know, can you believe it?) As for your self imposed “curse-less” vocabulary, I suggest you change it back when we meet again. Just saying!!

  5. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…en serio poder caminar por Reforma, no por la banqueta eso lo puedes hacer cualquier día..noooooooooo, caminar por enmedio, tomar esa foto en pleno camellón, ver a la gente bailando…it’s like you’re some place else…tienes que venir ASAP

  6. que chilo ale ojala pueda ir a visitarlos pronto y disfrutar un domingo como este que platicas aqui xoxoxoooooooo

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