THINK ABOUT… doesn’t matter where we come from…

I have to admit it, even though I stopped watching TV almost a decade ago, I am a bit starstruck by all the actors and actresses I’ve bumped into during my stay here in México City.

Legendary actress- now very lovely grandmother- María Victoria was in the audience of the end of school year festival at my children’s achool. I’ve cheered my little boy on during school games along with other actresses from my generation. A well known child actor- from way back when- has waited in line to pick up his child along with the rest of the mothers. I’ve unintentionally bumped my shopping cart with others, taking a glimpse at their picks that go from diapers, to cookies, to juice boxes.

The glamorous lives they lived before mother or fatherhood have kind of morphed into a normal, non-glamorous, kid-friendly life like most of us.

It’s nice to see them happy in their new role. I would’ve thought that being a star in the limelight would be a bit difficult to leave, but apparently it’s like any other line of work when parenthood comes into play. You kind of find balance always knowing that the most important job you’ll ever have is raising your children and watching them grow from upclose not from the stage.

So moraleja, no importa de donde vengas o que tan fregón/a hayas sido o te hayas creído de chavo/a…as different as our backgrounds might be…todos vamos a donde mismo…we’ll all end up doing the same thing!


ES UN RETO PARA TODOS, vengas de donde vengas

4 responses to “THINK ABOUT… doesn’t matter where we come from…

  1. jajajaaaaa… felicitarlos…jajajjaaaa…fijese que allá en mi rancho lo rete-admiramos, somos su fans number one!! jajajaaaaa, no paro de reirme…una foto con mi estrella favorita del firmamento del canal de las estrellas…noooooooooooooooooo!!! jajajajaaa, si vienes no te voy a sacar!!! que risa, abueleaste de plano…lo vuelvo a leer y me sigo riendo

  2. VES?!! no que no los conoces?!!! solamente date una tardecita para ver “el canal de las estrellas” y rapido te pones al tanto, bueno, cuando te vaya a visitar te doy un super curso para que de ahi te animes a felicitarlos por sus grandes actuaciones en las novelas, cine, teatro, etc… bueno, o tansi tomarles un paparazzo tipo tu comadre 😉

  3. Ale, I really love you friend!

    Todo lo que soy ahorita se lo debo a gente que quize y quiero mucho. Gente que aunque esten lejos de mi, estan conmigo.

    Love your blogs!! Keep ’em coming!

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