THINK ABOUT…14 years ago TODAY

…most of us watched Princess Diana’s funeral.

I can only speak for myself, this was the first time a celebrity’s death had true impact on me. I fought back the tears while watching. And I remember thinking who will fill that huge void she’s leaving not just in our hearts but in all those charities, those special causes she fought for and the pages of Hello! magazine. I stopped buying it for a while, my mourning period.

It was also the day I realized, by watching the funeral how far her presence had conquered, people all over the world had stopped what they were doing to accompany at least in spirit those two boys that had just lost their mother…

and then came Elton John with his extremely emotional tribute…

Now, 14 years later, her eldest has just married and the media is desperate to fill the void with the new princess…she seems prepared to deal with this I SINCERELY HOPE SHE IS!!


CARPE DIEM, PEOPLE, Seize the day!!!

2 responses to “THINK ABOUT…14 years ago TODAY

  1. Me acuerdo haber rezado por ella como si fuera parte de la familia, hoy lo volvere a hacer precisamente ire a una misa de una amiga muy querida del F.

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