ACT… Raiders of the Lost Sock

I ended my weekend feeling a bit offended by something my husband said to me in a very definite tone, “This only happens to you!” He was talking about the weekly orphaned sock count. Every week there’s a couple of socks lost during the wash. I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THEY GO! I’VE LOOKED EVERYWHERE! I’ve even made up a story that explains to children where the other sock goes, but I’m not going into that right now…

I felt a bit offended by my husband’s affirmation because it doesn’t just happen to me, right?

If other’s weren’t losing socks…what would May 9th be? other than the day before Mother’s Day…it’s LOST SOCK MEMORIAL DAY

Or how about this…if it weren’t SUCH a common laundry mishap… the retro design...

There’s even an 11 episode drama…yikes I couldn’t even deal with this Sunday’s Sock MIA drama…

I’ve decided to just stop searching. From now on I’m setting some DIRTY LAUNDRY RULES:

1. When taking off socks IMMEDIATELY put them in the hamper.

2. When putting dirty socks in the laundry basket fold the tops together. I’ll unfold when loading the washer. If my children were a bit older I’d have them use a safety pin to keep socks together. I won’t tie them together because children’s socks aren’t just sweaty, their muddy, they’ve got grass stains and if I tie them together I feel they won’t come out completely clean.

3. When loading washer with socks, COUNT THEM, be sure to get an EVEN number. If you get an ODD number, get the whole family looking, declare a sock MIA.

4. When loading the dryer have a RECOUNT, again be sure to get an EVEN number.

5. If after this there’s still an orphaned sock put it in the box labeled SOCKS MIA. Check the box each laundry day, hopefully it’ll be the day when YOU FIND YOUR SOCKS SOLEMATE…get it SOLEMATE-SOULMATE…sorry, couldn’t help it


5 responses to “ACT… Raiders of the Lost Sock

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  2. es que en serio, no quisiéramos tomarlo PERSONAL, pero se alteran tanto estos hombres por su CALCETÍN DESAPARECIDO…que si, se convierte en un PROBLEMA DE DIMENSIONES INCALCULABLES…jajajaaaaa…pues chula, a contarlos antes de lavarlos y si desde ahí aparece un HUERFANITO entonces el que lo perdió fue otro…

  3. Querida, no solo te sucede ati!!!!!!!!!! Aqui en la casa, creo que hay un monstruo de los calcetines, siempre se me pierden los del marido y es un drama mundial, jajajajajaja, de verdad!!!!!!!!!!! Este ha sido un tema de discusiones domesticas por los ultimos 11 años.

  4. Haaa! Together forever! Made me laugh. Good tips, although I am ALWAYS losing the other sock myself, and it can get expensive, especially since I’ve become too lazy to look for the other one, so I just get a new pair…(bad tip, I know!) I remember my grandmother once made a mop out of the remaining lone socks and she would use the sock-mop in the living room. I think I have enough of them single socks now to pull it off!

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