Hello world! this is a good enough title…

"ME" blogging

I wish I looked like this when inspiration strikes!!

Why does one start a blog? Is it an absolute self-indulgence? Is it to satisfy the need to be heard?

When it has come to the point where it really doesn’t matter who is listening, as long as it’s someone different from one’s own conscience. Or, maybe as a way to organize the mess that has become your inner thoughts, which will in the end leave some room for more thinking.

Yeah, I think this is my motive!

Seeing that my thinking has everything and nothing to do anything and that it’s not intended for a specific audience then, I shamelessly dare say, self-indulgence is my ego’s motive! I am giving myself the chance to think that I’ve got interesting things to say and someone will benefit from them, it could make you laugh, it could make you feel that you’re not alone, it could make you sick with disbelief and maybe, just maybe make you so sure of how you feel that you might want to start blogging yourself…just maybe!

12 responses to “Hello world! this is a good enough title…

  1. ok, ya q no estas aqui, cada viernes por la tarde me hare un cafecito in your honor y me sentare a leerte como en the good old mexicali fridays ;(

  2. Well count me in as your reader and follower and fan. As someone who has blogged on and off for a couple of years, I agree that blogging can be completely self-serving and even a bit egotistical, but it does fulfill a need to communicate that is not available on other forms of social media. This is your voice and it’s a wonderful, amazing voice that needs to be heard and shared. So here you go! Happy blogging : )

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