So, as in every introduction, there is an exchange of basic facts, specially a name. My blog is titled ACT. REACT. or JUST THINK ABOUT IT. The title sums up my current living situation.

I am living in a huge city, MEXICO CITY, with more than 20 million other people all running at the same time in different directions, raising two children that are leaving me breathless and senseless with every word they say and a husband that equally leaves me breathless and senseless without saying a word.

As you can imagine all of the above give me so much to ACT ON, REACT TO and SPECIALLY THINK ABOUT. And this is what you’ll be reading!!

OK, I think this is enough introduction. Hope this was a good read. And hope you’ll come back for more because I’ve got lots to say.



I wrote this on August 29, 2011, and though most of it is still very much part of this blog, there are many other things that have changed…

Today, as I write this update, I’m 4 days away from my 40th birthday and about 5 months away from leaving Mexico City and going back home…

I started out not knowing if anyone besides my sister-friend would read me and now I’ve had 6,000+ visits to my blog…

Back then, I knew that if blogging turned out not to be MY THING I could just leave it…and now, I can’t imagine not having somewhere to purge my over active mind…

This blog, along with my paintings have become the most important creative outlets I could have ever imagined and have given me the chance to prove my theory that creativity fuels creativity…

As I wrote on MY first TURNING 40 post, I’m work in progress and so is A.R.T. hope you keep coming back to see where we’re taking each other

6 responses to “ABOUT ME…

  1. I’m a big fan of yellow .. because it makes me feel good … and especially in combination with green … never wear yellow, but I just love the color … your painting made me happy.
    I hope you go back to painting again … but it all has to do with motivation and inspiration. It will come .. I know.

  2. Jajajaa, Thank you Viveka! My life has been in constant change these past couple of years so I’ve had to update several times 🙂 great to have you here!! I appreciate your lovely comment on my painting, hope to get back to painting soon… Big hug

  3. What a great presentation of yourself … I love your painting – I’m not much of an artist myself … but I love some art … some I can’t stand .. some I adore – I visit a magical place in Denmark, filled with fantastic art … maybe you will be interested. http://wp.me/p293Pw-6Nl
    Thanks for following my world.

  4. WOW!!! lol…you lovve my blog and you’ve nominated MOI for an award…wuuhuu, this is so cool, THANK YOU…let me click on over to your blog and go check my closet to see what I’m going to wear to the award ceremony (yes, it is that big!!) If you could see my smile you’d laugh at me 🙂

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